What to Expect After a Facelift Procedure

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Posted on October 31, 2019 under Facelift

If you are considering undergoing a facelift, you probably have a lot of questions you would like to ask. A facelift is often a dream surgery for many men and women. However, you will still need to consider the recovery and healing time before going in for this type of cosmetic surgery. Read on to learn more about what to expect after you have a facelift.

The Day of the Surgery

Most patients have minimal discomfort right after their facelift surgery. However, you won’t be in the condition to drive home on your own. Your head will be bandaged and you may still be experiencing the after-effects of anesthesia. Talk to a trusted family member or friend to secure a ride before the big day.

After Face Lift Surgery- What You Should Expect

Facelift surgery will make you look younger by removing your facial wrinkles and tightening up any loose skin or muscles. Excess fat and skin are carefully trimmed away through your incisions.

The plastic surgeon will loosely bandage your face and head after the surgery to reduce any swelling or bruising you may experience. You will likely have a drainage tube under your ear to prevent fluid and blood from collecting under your skin. You will also be given some type of pain medication to minimize your discomfort.

During your recovery period, always allow yourself adequate time to heal. You can expect to have some swelling, skin discoloration, and numbness for the first one to two weeks. Keep your head elevated and immobile as much as you can for the first couple of days to minimize any swelling you may have.

Healing Time for Your Face Lift

Depending on the type of work you had done, your recovery time may be anywhere from one week to a few weeks. Most men and women return to work anywhere from 7 days to two weeks after surgery. If you choose to have a “mid-facelift,” you can expect to be off work for the same amount of time.

For the first couple of days or weeks, depending on the procedure you had, you will only be allowed to walk and stretch. You’ll be prohibited from vigorous activity, and heavy housework for about two weeks post-surgery. Remember, extra rest after your surgery is very important for proper healing.

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