Who Is Administering Your Botox? Why Credentials Matter

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Posted on August 23, 2018 under Medical Spa

Botox Before & After Photos
Botox Before & After Photos

Botox has been used as an effective drug in minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and furrows, especially on the forehead and feet. It has become a standard practice of using Botox for treatment in clinics, hospitals and spas. Yet, it is impossible to self-administer Botox since it is a regulated drug. Only the specialists with appropriate license are allowed to administer Botox. Law has been so stringent on Botox medication that the drug is traded only among the manufacturers and professionals

How can Botox help you

Botox is a derivative of a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinium. Even if the bacterium is poisonous to be consumed as food, its synthesized cosmetic medication produces freezing effects on muscles. Hence, it was first introduced for the treatment of muscular spasms. When its effects on wrinkles, furrows and crow’s feet became evident, it found a breakthrough success into widespread use. It has also proven to be helpful in treatments for hyperhidrosis.

The effect of enlarged prostates produced in men can also be cured with Botox. It also lasts longer than the effects in treatment for wrinkles. Symptoms related to infections in urinary tract and frequent urination is also cured by direct injection of Botox into prostate gland. It has also been widely used in the treatment of migraines because of the drug’s action in preventing the pain sensations from reaching the brain. Research is being conducted into the usefulness of Botox in arthritis treatments. All in all, Botox has been widely recognized as one of the important drugs in different branches of medicine.

Qualification and credentials

Health care professionals who are trained and qualified are generally given the license to administer Botox. They include nurses and medical assistants. In some states, only licensed physicians are allowed to administer Botox.  Some training facilities offers a single day courses to give a training in Botox injections. In most cases, even the health care professionals are required to take such courses before a license is issued. They receive training in technical aspects of Botox and dermal fillers.

In states where health care professionals other than physician or doctor are allowed to inject Botox, careful supervision of physician or doctor is demanded. California, Texas, Oklahoma and Florida are such states. Manufacturers do not supply Botox to drug retails, hence only the doctor is allowed to place orders. Beauty care and spa professionals can only work in partnership with a trained professional to administer Botox. They are not allowed to independently use Botox in services they provide.

Such stringent measures have been placed in order to prevent the public from abusing the drug which can indeed prove to be harmful if wrongly used. All of our facilities in cities Virginia and Maryland employ trained professionals who are licensed to inject Botox under the supervision of surgeons like Dr. Franklin D. Richards and Dr. A. Dean Jabs.

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