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Implant Placement

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Breast augmentation implants can be placed either on top or below the muscle. There are different factors that determine which is the best placement for each patient. But in about 95% of our cases, Sub-Muscular placement is used at Cosmetic Surgery Associates as we see this is the best option for most of our patients.


This technique places the implant underneath the pectoralis muscle. This often gives a more natural contour of the breast since both the tissue and muscle will cover the implant. This option also aids in the visibility of mammograms. Until the muscle relaxes, the implant may sit high for several weeks. If patients have mild to moderate breast ptosis or droopiness, a Sub-Muscular dual plane technique is often used. This technique partially releases the lower portion of the muscle from the breast gland, allowing for a greater lift.

Our Philosophy

We consider Sub-Muscular positioning to be the ideal option when the supporting factors such as implant size and type compliment this placement. If a thin or petite patient were to have implants inserted over the muscle, there would be apparent rippling. With this, most frames benefit more from Sub-Musclar placement.

We’ve developed a special technique at Cosmetic Surgery Associates that dramatically reduces pain after breast augmentation and shorter recovery. To learn more, please read our article published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

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