10 Eye-Opening Facts About Blepharoplasty

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Posted on July 20, 2020 under Blepharoplasty

If the skin on your eyelids droops or you cannot hide under-eye circles, it may be time for a blepharoplasty. This procedure not only makes the eyes look better physically, it can help you appear younger. Eyelids tend to droop as you age, and it can cause more issues than just aesthetics. Drooping eyelids could cause a reduction in vision. Blepharoplasty removes the extra fat layer and makes loose skin taut. Here are seven facts to know about blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty is very popular

Blepharoplasty comes from a Greek words blepharon and plasin. Plasin means “to form” and blepharon means “eyelid”. Statistics show it ranks fifth among the top plastic surgeries with greater than 206,000 surgeries being done in 2018.

Blepharoplasty can fix the top and bottom of the eyelid

Blepharoplasty can also fix creepy skin and eye bags to give the eyes an even appearance. Puffiness below the eyes creates a shadow in the area, and it is frequently the cause of dark circles as well as darker pigment. Blepharoplasty should remove some of the shadowing. The doctor usually discusses with the patient whether doing the lift on the upper or lower eyelid (or both) could help them achieve their appearance goals.

You can opt to stay awake during the procedure

Cosmetic Surgery Associates patients may be awake during the procedure by going under twilight anesthesia. This means you won’t be entirely unconscious, just very sleepy and comfortable. You should still be able to respond to the doctor’s questions and will have little recollection of the procedure. Patients who use twilight anesthesia often have a faster recovery.

Scars may not be noticeable

Some people do not undergo eyelid surgery because they are concerned about the potential for scarring. However, an experienced and well-trained professional makes incisions that follow the natural eyelid folds, which hides the scarring. The scars should fade with time and become less noticeable.

Your vision could improve

Many cosmetic surgeries are for improving appearances, but blepharoplasty comes with a possible bonus of improved vision. When skin droops over the eyelid, it inhibits your peripheral vision. After the procedure, your vision should be clearer.

It has fewer risks

All surgical procedures come with risks. However, blepharoplasty has few risks associated with it, and they are minimal. Most patients experience bruising, swelling, and soreness around the eye, but a cold compress can minimize that. Some patients could experience bleeding, fluid build up below the skin, a change in sensation, or react badly to anesthesia. Getting the procedure done by a skilled doctor can possibly reduce the risks.

You can combine blepharoplasty with other treatments

While blepharoplasty alone can improve your appearance, it can be combined with other treatments or procedures, such as a face lift or laser skin resurfacing for even more effective results. Another effective anti-aging treatment for the surrounding eye area is Botox, a treatment that can alleviate dynamic wrinkling, or wrinkles that form from repetitive facial movement. The doctors at Cosmetic Surgery Associates can give advice on additional procedures or treatment that may benefit you.

You don’t have to risk low vision or deal with droopy eyelids when there is blepharoplasty to fix it. Make an appointment for a consultation with Cosmetic Surgery Associates today.

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