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For many people, finding a solution to facial wrinkles and lines can be a challenge. The natural aging process often can result in a loss of volume within the skin leading to excess skin, hollow cheeks, and under-eye circles. Excessive sun exposure can also be a cause of an aged look, causing patients to seek assistance. Exaggerated signs of aging can cause ongoing mental and emotional distress as you worry about what others are thinking of you.

At Cosmetic Surgery Associates, we offer an array of dermal fillers, including Restylane, to provide youthful results to patients with a variety of concerns. To learn more about this injectable, contact our office and schedule a consultation today.

Restylane Injectable: Fuller, Perkier, Wrinkle-Free

Restylane is an injectable solution that specifically treats the skin and areas around the nose and mouth, including the lips and cheeks. Restylane helps to add volume, recontour certain facial features, and reduce wrinkling and lines that create a more aged appearance. Restylane is made with hyaluronic acid, with results lasting anywhere from six to eighteen months, depending on the patient’s skin state and desired results.

With treatments like Restylane, you can not only reverse the aging process for your face, but also give yourself a more vibrant, positive, and overall healthy appearance for years to come. Anti-aging treatments are highly popular, with new ones coming to market every year. At the Cosmetic Surgery Associates center, we’re committed to providing only the most effective options for skin treatment.

Is Restylane Right For Me?

You may be a good candidate for Restylane if your skin is not too thin and still has mild elasticity.

Restylane could be an excellent solution for your anti-aging needs. If you are struggling with moderate-to-severe wrinkles and lines around the mouth and nose, consider Restylane as a way to effectively reduce or eliminate smile and frown lines, marionette lines, and wrinkling or lines on the lips themselves. However, those with more advanced signs of aging may not experience the results they wish with this particular treatment, as Restylane does not address sagging or loss of elasticity as much as other cosmetic enhancements. In cases such as these, the physician may recommend undergoing a more invasive treatment, such as a brow lift or facelift. During the initial consultation, the physician will evaluate your case and determine if Restylane is right for you.


Lines, wrinkles, and deep creases around the nose and mouth are treatable with Restylane injections. Lost volume in the cheeks and lips can be restored to achieve a fuller, perkier appearance.

It’s important to compare and contrast different dermal fillers before settling on one for your anti-aging needs. Restylane has numerous benefits that set it apart from alternative treatments, though it can also be combined with different fillers and cosmetic procedures for even more drastic and long-lasting results. Here are some major advantages you can expect from Restylane:


Restylane results are not permanent but are long-lasting. The treatment can bring back a youthful appearance and keep you looking that way for six to eighteen months.

Multiple Treatments

Restylane doesn’t have to be limited to a single session. You can return to Cosmetic Surgery Associates time and again to reinforce the results (or even improve on them) for years at a time, with small breaks in between sessions, without risking any complications.

Youthful Skin

Restylane is a proven way to erase lines and wrinkles and is an effective anti-aging procedure, giving you back the healthy, youthful face you haven’t seen in the mirror for far too long. Reclaim your lost vitality with this simple approach!

Restored Confidence

Stop worrying about how others perceive your growing lines and wrinkles. Don’t pause to consider how tired you look anymore before heading to work, and feel that surge of confidence when going out with your significant other knowing you’re looking your best thanks to Restylane.


Patient Reviews

I was very apprehensive at first, but the staff, and Dr. Richards were very reassuring. The final result was remarkable and a night and day difference! Why did I wait so long? I look younger than my youngest sister, and all of my friends. I was blown away at the results I achieved.

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Restylane Dermal Fillers

There are multiple Restylane formulations, each one designed to be more effective in addressing different types of facial aging and different facial locations. During your consultation, any one of the following may be recommended by the physician depending on what best fits your body and goals.


This is a clear gel injection that targets smile lines around the mouth, including lines up to the nose and down to the chin or jawline. It can improve lines around the edges of the lips, and improve the appearance of the lips themselves for up to eighteen months.

Restylane Lyft

If you are looking to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the mid-facial areas, this is the preferred solution. Lost volume and wrinkled or baggy cheeks can be improved with this version for up to six months.

Restylane Silk

This version of Restylane is designed for the lips, helping to restore plumpness, reduce lines, and give a softer appearance to the upper and lower lips. Full results are seen within two weeks and last for up to six months on average.

Restylane Refyne

For those wanting to minimize lines mainly around the mouth, this is the preferred treatment. It also helps patients maintain natural facial expressions.

Restylane Defyne

This solution was created for a more natural look, letting patients continue to smile, frown, and show other normal expressions after treatment while still addressing deep lines and wrinkles.

Complementary Treatments

When you combine a number of different cosmetic skin treatments, you can often augment and extend the results for further than with just a single procedure. Alternatives to Restylane include other hyaluronic acid solutions we offer, including Juvederm. Restylane can be combined with injection treatments like Botox, which targets different areas of the face as well as different causes of wrinkles and lines (static wrinkles vs. dynamic wrinkles). If you wish to achieve more dramatic effects with your anti-aging procedure, consider a surgical treatment alongside injections, such as a brow lift, facelift, eyelid surgery, or chemical peels.

All of these will be highly dependent on your personal situation, how advanced the signs of age are on your skin, and how much younger you wish to appear after undergoing the treatment.


With a consultation, you will be able to meet with one of the experienced physicians of Cosmetic Surgery Associates before undergoing any cosmetic procedures. During your one-on-one meeting, the physician will review past procedures you’ve undergone, any allergies (especially in the context of anesthetics as well as ingredients in the solution to be injected), prescription medications, lifestyle choices, and so on. Your physician will aim to help you establish realistic expectations of the treatment.

You will also be able to ask any questions during this time to answer any concerns or worries about the procedure. Take a few minutes to compile a list of questions about Restylane and check them off, so nothing is missed. This can include:

  • Will any local anesthetics be used?
  • How much pain should I expect?
  • How quickly can I return to my daily routines?
  • How soon will I see results?
  • How long will results last?
  • Which version of Restylane is best for my situation?


Restylane injection treatment is a simple experience. On the day of your procedure, it’s recommended that you don’t wear any makeup when you come in. In some cases, a topical anesthetic can be applied to the treatment area to help reduce any discomfort felt. The injection itself can take as little as fifteen minutes depending on the size of the treatment zone. As soon as it is finished, you can be back on your feet and ready to return to your daily routine.

Recovery and Results

Restylane is a minimally invasive procedure that requires no downtime. It is normal to see some bruising or swelling in the areas where the injections occurred, along with some mild discomfort. In order to best recover from Restylane treatments, patients should avoid wearing makeup on the treated areas and not expose themselves to the sun for several days following the session. Plus patients should not undertake strenuous activities for a couple of days after the injections.

Results are immediately visible after a session, and most patients see an 80% reduction in their lines and wrinkles, which lasts anywhere from six to eighteen months before requiring further treatment.


Restylane injections are priced according to the number of syringes used in a session. Of course, this will vary depending on the specific number of target injections being performed as well as how much of the solution is needed to reach the appearance you want to maintain.

During your consultation, you will be able to discuss the costs involved and how you can establish the appropriate payment plan. To receive a custom quote for your Restylane treatment, please contact our office and schedule a consultation today!

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