Answering Your Questions About Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

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Your Questions on Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Answered – Virginia | Maryland

Cosmetic Surgery Associates, located out of Bethesda, MD, and McLean, VA, is a well-known practice providing aesthetic as well as reconstructive surgical procedures. Patients looking for advanced procedures in plastic surgery in Virginia and Maryland have an opportunity to receive fantastic, meaningful, and long-lasting treatments at the practice.

The practice is led by board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Dean Jabs and Dr. Franklin Richards, who have extensive experience in providing treatments in cosmetic surgery in Maryland and Virginia. Patients in Fairfax and Alexandria, VA, Chevy Chase, and Rockville, MD as well as other nearby areas can conveniently receive consultation or treatment at the offices of Cosmetic Surgery Associates.

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty, which is popularly known as eyelid surgery, is a procedure designed to reduce excess fat and skin from the upper and lower eyelid area. An experienced plastic surgeon may provide this treatment to correct sagging upper eyelids as well as puffy bags beneath the eyes. The surgery can typically be completed within one to two hours, and most patients can be ready to go back to work within a week. The surgery can have a significant impact in terms of improving facial appearance because the eyes are a very crucial feature of the facial profile.

With more than 200,000 procedures performed each year, eyelid plastic surgery in Maryland, Virginia, and other parts of the United States has become one of the most sought-after aesthetic procedures. Many people suffer from fat accumulation, weak muscles, and loose skin around the eyes, which may occur due to aging or other factors. Eyelid surgery is an effective surgical procedure to remove fat and skin and tighten the underlying muscles to firm up droopy upper eyelids and remove bags under the eyes.

While this cosmetic surgery in Virginia, Maryland, and nearby areas are performed at Cosmetic Surgery Associates usually for aesthetic reasons, sometimes the procedure may also be performed for corrective reasons.

If the upper eyelids are sagging excessively, it may obstruct the vision, which can be corrected with blepharoplasty. However, this procedure is not designed to remove crow’s feet, dark circles under the eyes, or other facial lines and wrinkles. The procedure is sometimes performed in combination with other aesthetic treatments for the face such as a forehead lift, cosmetic fillers, or laser resurfacing.

Good Candidates

Dr. Jabs and Dr. Richards will first evaluate the general health condition, facial anatomy, and personal aesthetic goals of a patient in Fairfax and Alexandria, VA, Chevy Chase, and Rockville, MD, before recommending a blepharoplasty surgery.

An outstanding candidate for this procedure is someone who is in fine health and is fully aware of what this procedure can or cannot do. With realistic expectations, it is possible to achieve high satisfaction levels from this surgery.

A typical candidate for eyelid plastic surgery in Virginia, Maryland, or other places would be someone who is in the age group of 35+. However, if the patient has a heredity problem of droopy or baggy eyelids, the surgery may be performed at an earlier age. People who have suffered from obstruction of vision due to excessively droopy eyelids can also be ideal candidates for this surgery.


If both lower and upper eyelids are treated together in a single procedure, eyelid cosmetic surgery in Maryland, Virginia, or elsewhere can be performed in about two to three hours. Many plastic surgeons will apply local anesthesia with oral sedation to keep the patient comfortable during the procedure. IV sedation may be provided when the procedure is performed at a surgical center or hospital. The surgeon will first work on the upper eyelids, and make tiny incisions along the natural lines of the eyelids.

Through the incisions, the surgeon will remove excess skin and fat, and tighten the weakened muscles. The incisions will then be closed with tiny sutures, which may stay in place for three to six days. Depending on the surgical technique used, the lower eyelids may or may not require stitches. A laser resurfacing procedure may be recommended along with upper and lower eyelid plastic surgery in Maryland or Virginia.

Recovery and Results

Stitches in one or both eyelids may remain in place for about a week after the surgery. Swelling is experienced by most patients, and in some cases, it may be accompanied by minor bruising. Within 10 to 14 days, the eyelids will start appearing normal. Complications with eyelid surgery are rare, but they may include infection, bleeding, dry eyes, or abnormal color of the eyelids.

The results of upper eyelid surgery may last for as long as five to seven years or even more. Lower eyelid surgery is usually never required to be repeated. However, the patient should be prepared that the eyes will continue to age after the procedure. Nothing lasts forever as we all know anyhow.

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