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Plastic Surgery Potomac

Conveniently located to serve the areas of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Cosmetic Surgery Associates offers its patients from Potomac the latest in cosmetic surgery procedures within our safe and caring environment. Doctors Franklin D. Richards, A. Dean Jabs, and Keshav Magge are board certified and highly experienced surgeons who put your wellbeing above everything else. You can benefit from their unsurpassed artistic and surgical skills that help you get optimal results with every procedure.

Our patients can choose from a wide range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to achieve the most stunning results. You also get the added benefit of in-house operating rooms with advanced, state-of-the-art technologies that are Quad A certified. All procedures are performed within the safe and comfortable environment of these operating rooms. This means that you can get everything under one roof at Cosmetic Surgery Associates – your surgery, recovery, and post-operative care. Our team of surgeons aim for building a strong doctor-patient relationship, ensuring all communication is honest. During your consultation, we understand your individual concerns and cosmetic goals and customize the most suitable treatments to meet your specific requirements. Your wellbeing is our topmost priority and everybody at our center strives to help you achieve the specific look you are seeking.

Breast Surgery Procedures

If changes in your breast contours are bothering you, schedule a consultation with our expert surgeons to restore your youthful breasts. It’s not just genetics and aging, but significant weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can also leave you with several changes to the shape, size, and volume of the breasts. Our patients from Potomac can choose from a range of breast procedures to help reduce large breasts, uplift sagging and droopy breasts, and correct asymmetry and volume loss. Once we have understood your specific needs, we will offer you personalized breast procedures so that you can achieve perky and well-proportioned breast contours. Here are the procedures you can choose from:

Body Surgery Procedures

Even the fittest of us may have problem areas that do not easily give in to diet and exercise. When your favorite clothes do not fit flatteringly anymore, regain your confidence with a body contouring procedure at Cosmetic Surgery Associates. This excessive fat, sagging skin, or volume loss can lead to concerns like an abdominal pouch, bra fat, or deflated buttocks. The latest procedures and techniques offered at our center can help you achieve your desired body contours. For a slimmer and more toned you, patients from Potomac can choose from the following procedures:

Facial Surgery Procedures

Our patients schedule a consultation for facial rejuvenation for different reasons. Usually, patients seek rejuvenation to undo the changes brought on by aging or environmental damage; however, a large number of patients also desire to change the shape and size of a facial feature they were born with. When you are unhappy with the shape or size of your ears or nose, we can help you reshape them to bring the desired balance to your face. Our unique procedures and techniques are customized to suit individual needs and goals so that you can restore lost volume, eliminate sagging, or get skin tightening. Our team strives to give you stunning results that appear natural and refresh your appearance. Here are the options our patients from Potomac can choose from:

Male Plastic Surgery Procedures

Today, men are not shying away from seeking cosmetic options for enhancing their appearance. Body contouring options offered at Cosmetic Surgery Associates ensure that men get the subtle enhancement they are looking for. From Botox that reduces wrinkles to breast reduction for a masculine chest, we offer several options to our male patients from Potomac. Here are your choices:

MedSpa Procedures

The unparalleled MedSpa services offered at Cosmetic Surgery Associates give you minimal downtime and a short recovery so you can return to your routine sooner and more rejuvenated than ever. Our carefully selected treatments help you regain the youthful glow to your skin and take care of other issues like unwanted hair and uneven skin tone and texture. If you feel like you look older than your years, our team is dedicated to helping you look as young as you feel. If your skin issues make you feel less confident about your appearance, here are the services our patients from Potomac can choose from:

Injectables & Dermal Fillers

Damage from excessive exposure to the sun and certain lifestyle choices can lead to early signs of aging on your skin. Issues such as lines, wrinkles, and scars can make you feel self-conscious and it is our aim to help you look and feel your best. Our range of injectables help reduce wrinkles, plump up areas that suffered from volume loss, and eliminate chin fat so that you can step out with confidence every day. Here are the injectables our patients from Potomac can choose from for that desired youthful rejuvenation:

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Our Plastic Surgery Associates team includes Dr. Franklin Richards, Dr. A. Dean Jabs, and Dr. Keshav Magge. Each of our plastic surgeons is board-certified, and together they have over 60 years of combined experience. Drs. Richards, Jabs, and Magge are all highly qualified in procedures for the face, breast, and body, and pride themselves in providing excellent results through our state-of-the-art, Quad A certified operating centers