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Buccal Fat Removal

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Buccal fat removal is a facial cosmetic surgery that removes the pads of fat in the cheeks. With the right approach by a board-certified plastic surgeon, buccal fat removal can achieve a thinner, more defined look to the face in patients who have a “baby face” or chubby cheeks.


Real Patient Results


Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons including Dr. Richards, Dr. Jabs, and Dr. Magge has combined decades of experience in achieving exceptional results with facial cosmetic surgery. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how you can feel more confident by contacting our office in Bethesda, MD. We’re conveniently located 2 miles from North Bethesda and 5 miles from Potomac and Rockville.

About Buccal Fat Removal

The buccal fat pads are the areas of fatty tissue between the cheekbones and jawbones. Especially in old age, the buccal fat pads help maintain the shape of the face and give structure to the skin around the mouth. Everyone has buccal fat pads, but in some people, they can take away from the definition of the underlying bone structure, making the face appear wider or rounder.

The buccal fat pads are most prominent during childhood. These pads of fat in the cheeks are what give them a round and “chubby” look before they eventually become less prominent in adulthood. For some patients, the buccal fat pads remain noticeable and contribute to the look of a “baby face.” This is typically genetic and has no relation to body weight – the buccal fat pads may still be prominent at a healthy weight. In fact, they may also not respond to diet and exercise efforts. In this case, plastic surgery is often the best solution to permanently remove the buccal fat pads, thinning the face and reducing the prominence of the cheeks.

Good Candidates for Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal is a good option for patients who are in overall good health and at a healthy and stable weight. Many patients who seek out buccal fat removal are those who are self-conscious about the overall shape of their face because of its roundness or lack of definition. Because the buccal fat pads give shape to the mid and lower face, it’s important to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon about your options. If your face is already thin or narrow, removing the buccal fat pads can cause the face to appear hollow or sunken. Additionally, buccal fat pads tend to fade with age so if you’re already seeing signs of aging, you may not be a good candidate.

Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons can help you select the best option for your unique cosmetic goals during a consultation. We offer a variety of facial rejuvenation options and can help you create a personalized treatment package using our best treatments and procedures.

Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

Buccal fat removal is a relatively quick and straightforward procedure. It can be performed using a local anesthetic at our accredited in-house operating center so that you’re relaxed and comfortable. Your plastic surgeon will create a small incision inside the mouth on both sides to expose the fatty tissue. They can be removed through these incisions, leaving no visible scars or signs of surgery. Once the incisions are closed, the procedure is complete.

Recovery From Buccal Fat Removal

Your plastic surgeon will supply detailed aftercare instructions as well as a follow-up schedule. You’ll likely experience swelling, bruising, and numbness around the cheeks and incisions. For the first 1-2 days, you’ll be asked to follow a liquid diet and use a special mouth rinse to prevent infection. You can begin to add soft foods as the incisions heal. Most patients recover fully within three weeks, but it can take several months for final results to settle in as swelling fades and the cheeks adjust to their new appearance. Buccal fat removal produces permanent results and you can enjoy your results for many years to come.

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Buccal fat removal is the most effective way to achieve better facial definition. To meet with our board-certified plastic surgeons, contact our Washington DC area office by calling or filling out our online form.

Our Plastic Surgery Associates team includes Dr. Franklin Richards, Dr. A. Dean Jabs, and Dr. Keshav Magge. Each of our plastic surgeons is board-certified, and together they have over 60 years of combined experience. Drs. Richards, Jabs, and Magge are all highly qualified in procedures for the face, breast, and body, and pride themselves in providing excellent results through our state-of-the-art, Quad A certified operating centers