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The inevitable signs of aging tend to affect everyone, male or female, no matter how healthy they are or how well they care for their skin. This can be seen particularly on the skin, with the most significant signs of aging being a loss of skin elasticity and the development of wrinkles and lines. Most commonly, the first region of the body impacted by the aging process is the face.

For those seeking to restore a more vibrant appearance and reduce the look of imperfections on the skin by replenishing lost volume, Voluma is a good treatment option. At Cosmetic Surgery Associates, we offer a wide range of dermal fillers to help meet the needs of every patient.

Please contact our office and schedule a complimentary consultation to find out if Voluma or one of our other filler options would be beneficial for you!

About Voluma

There are many surgical cosmetic procedures that are designed to lift sagging skin on the face or correct drooping cheeks, eyebrows, and brows. However, not all patients are looking for a surgical procedure; some are looking for less invasive options.

Voluma is a dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid which, when injected, rejuvenates the skin back to a more youthful appearance.

Voluma is a non-surgical anti-aging treatment to add volume to regions of the face that naturally sag and lose volume through aging. Because hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring chemical within the body, this helps to stimulate collagen production within the skin, helping results to last longer than traditional dermal fillers. With the help of Voluma, you can achieve the youthful aesthetic that you desire with no downtime and long-lasting results. To learn more, please contact our office and schedule a consultation.

Is Voluma Right For Me?

While there are other procedures that may last longer and provide more drastic results, Voluma is an excellent cosmetic procedure choice for those who wish to avoid surgery.

Voluma is a hyaluronic-based gel that is injected deep beneath the skin to replenish volume within that skin that has been lost over time, resulting in unwanted lines and wrinkles. If you are considering Voluma treatments, you should be in good health, have no allergies to any of the ingredients in Voluma, and should have realistic expectations for the results of this treatment. During the initial consultation at Cosmetic Surgery Associates, our physicians will help you choose the best dermal filler for your needs.

If Voluma is not the best option for you, your doctor will be sure to provide you with an alternative treatment option to help you reach your aesthetic goals.


Those who have undergone the Voluma treatment typically see five years or more taken off their appearance. Not only can this dermal filler be used to restore lost volume, but it can also be used to enhance certain regions of the face, such as the cheeks. At the same time, the benefits of Voluma go beyond the surface results, these include:


Unlike some facial rejuvenation treatments that require monthly sessions to maintain results, Voluma patients see results lasting up to 2 years after just one treatment. This also sets it apart from other dermal fillers that need 6-9 month maintenance appointments.

Multiple Treatments

Should patients wish, they can undergo Voluma treatments multiple times to enhance or maintain results without worrying about stacking side effects, negative reactions, or diminished returns.

Youthful Skin

Voluma not only reshapes the face to give the contours a fuller, healthier appearance but it also promotes a more vibrant look for the skin, restoring lost elasticity and helping it be firmer, with fewer wrinkles and less sagging.

Restored Confidence

With Voluma, patients can enjoy their newly rejuvenated appearance. This can greatly improve one’s quality of life and overall confidence, helping both men and women feel better about their aesthetic.


Patient Reviews

Literally the best practice ever. I chose Dr. Richards based on his reviews and him and his team did not disappoint: Joanne is amazing and will answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable and Tiffany is such a knowledgeable, sweet Nurse. She is so helpful with questions too, literally any time of day! I would give this practice more stars if I could, such a great team!

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Are you a healthy individual who is seeing a noticeable loss of volume and skin elasticity in your face? If so, you may be an excellent candidate for Voluma. If volume loss on your facial contours is mild to moderate, Voluma is likely able to help rejuvenate your appearance. Those with more extreme volume loss or loss of skin elasticity may require different cosmetic procedures or cosmetic surgeries to achieve their desired results.

Also, depending on your lifestyle choices, it may be suggested that you are able to stop smoking and drinking prior to the treatment in order to improve results. The first step in determining candidacy is to contact Cosmetic Surgery Associates and schedule a consultation with one of our talented physicians.

The Treatment Process

When you come in for your Voluma treatment with Cosmetic Surgery Associates, you will get a brief overview of how the session will proceed. Your physician will mark the areas of the face to be treated and then sanitize them prior to the injections. The Voluma gel is then injected deep into the facial tissues to restore lost volume and reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. Once treatment is complete, a cold compress may be briefly applied to the treated areas to help reduce immediate discomfort and possible swelling. In some cases, a topical numbing agent can be applied to the skin before injections. Afterward, the area will be cleaned once more, and patients will be able to leave our office immediately.

A follow-up appointment may be scheduled to review the results and ensure your full satisfaction, although results will last for up to two years prior to needing recurrent treatment.

Recovery and Results

Since Voluma is a non-surgical procedure involving minimally invasive injections, there is little recovery time involved, and healing is speedy. As with other dermal fillers, Voluma procedures produce rather immediately visible results, with the gel substance filling out flatter areas of the face and reshaping the contours right away. However, due to the swelling that usually occurs after the treatment, the full results may not be visible for a few days, until the swelling has abated.

We advise that you do not perform any strenuous activities, such as working out, for at least 24 hours after injections to help reduce the risk of bruising. Within a few days, the results will be fully visible, lasting for up to 2 years before needing additional treatments.

Complementing Treatments

As with other cosmetic procedures, Voluma can either be performed on its own or can be combined with other procedures to provide either fuller, more dramatic results, or to keep different areas of the body looking similarly rejuvenated at the same time.

When it comes to the face, this can include certain complementing procedures such as a brow lift, which focuses on reducing lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin around the forehead and above the eyes. A full facelift can be combined with Voluma, tightening and firming up skin all over the face while restoring volume to the cheeks, chin, and jaw. Another injection procedure that would be beneficial to combine with Voluma is Botox. This injectable is a neuromodulator that paralyzes the facial muscles when making certain facial expressions to help smooth the skin and reduce the look of dynamic wrinkles.

At the time of the consultation, you can speak with your physician regarding the best complementing treatment options for Voluma.


The physicians at Cosmetic Surgery Associates require patients to attend a pre-procedure consultation before undergoing their Voluma treatment. This is both for the physician’s and the patient’s benefit. Your doctor will cover a comprehensive review of your health history and current condition, including any past surgeries, ongoing medical prescriptions, allergies, injuries, or other lifestyle factors such as your diet, exercise, and whether you smoke or drink. These factors will all be used to determine whether you are a good candidate for Voluma injections.

This consultation is also an excellent time to ask any questions you might have about Voluma or the procedure. We suggest making a list and bringing it to the meeting to make sure all your specific concerns or queries are addressed. These may include:

  • How much will the procedure hurt and will I need pain medication afterward?
  • How soon will I see results after the injections?
  • How long does the recovery process take?
  • Are there any side effects or other health complications I should be aware of?
  • How long will the results last and can I come back in for multiple sessions?


Most cosmetic procedures are going to vary in cost based on your specific case and the amount of treatment needed. Pricing can also be affected if you are looking to combine treatments with Voluma injections for more comprehensive results.

During the initial consultation, you and the physician will work together to build a treatment plan that will help them provide you with a custom price quote. To obtain your custom Voluma quote, please contact Cosmetic Surgery Associates in Bethesda, Maryland today and request a complimentary consultation.

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