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Posted on December 1, 2016 under Uncategorized


OK, it has been a while since I posted with a followup of how the restoration is coming. I have been so busy planning our new office. The hair has grown in well. I still think it is somewhat thinner than when I was younger but it is sooooo much better than before. I still see short hairs, meaning that the follicles haven’t completely come through the transplant shock period. I can see it is thinner when lighted from above, but it is something I have noticed for the last 30 years. I get lots of compliments and I think it makes me look younger. I am considering doing another fill in sometime during this coming year if I lose some more of the original hair. It is so easy to do in the office with little downtime. Here is a picture I shot just now in the office. Come see me to learn more if your curious. I’m also investigating the new “robot” hair machine. More to come.

All the Best

Dr. J


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