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Posted on July 21, 2016 under Testimonials, Breast Augmentation

I have come upon a great product that has allowed me to do breast augmentations faster and safer with less trauma to the patient and the implant. What is this product? The Keller funnel. In the past when you put an implant in to the pocket you’d  created you manually forced the implant in to the small incision while your assistant held a retractor to give you access. This led to pressure on the implant that was not always benign. In addition the implant was rubbed against the skin as it went in increasing the possibility of picking up stray bacteria that could later lead to capsule formation. The Keller funnel looks like what a pastry chef would use to ice a cake, only it has a larger opening on the small end and a slippery substance inside. The implant is placed in the funnel directly from it’s sterile package is then “pushed” in to the pocket with an even pressure on the implant that could never be duplicated by hands alone. It is a single use device and makes the whole operation safer and faster.

Nifty idea that works great!

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