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Abdominoplasty Recovery Time In Northern Virginia

Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery – Types, Cost, Recovery and Risks

During a tummy tuck surgery that removes excess fat from the stomach area, plastic surgeons also restore weak and frayed muscles from that area to make a smooth and firm profile. According to a figures released by American Society for Plastic Surgery tummy tuck or “abdominoplasty” is among top five surgical procedure performed between men and women during 2014. The most common causes of sagging stomach in Northern Virginia and elsewhere around the world are age, pregnancy, heredity and sudden weight loss. Though most people in reasonably good health with excess fat deposit in the midsection can undergo tummy tuck surgery, they cannot do so if they have serious medical conditions.

More about Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery

Different types of tummy tuck cosmetic surgeries

Full Tummy Tuck – In this procedure the entire skin of abdominal area is lifted off the underlying muscles after incision is made around the belly button to keep it attached to the wall muscles. After removal of excess skin and fat the belly button area is tightened and repaired. Full tummy tuck is most commonly performed on women that have problem of split abdominal muscles or Diastasis Recti in Chevy Chase, MD.

Mini Tummy Tuck – During this procedure Dr. A. Dean Jabs only removes loose abdominal skin without making any cuts around the belly button area. If the patient specifically requires bikini tuck then mini abdominoplasty is carried out by making incisions along bikini line in Rockville, MD.

Non surgical Tummy Tuck – Abdominal tightening can also be achieved with lasers liposuction technique referred to as SlimLipo. This non surgical method provides both skin tightening and fat removal and is preferred by people that are not comfortable with full abdominoplasty. Other types of non-surgical tummy tuck methods in Alexandria, VA are LuxIR Deep, Thermage and radiofrequency energy to tighten skin.

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Recovery and risks – As explained by plastic surgeons

You may select the best plastic surgeon and hospital in Bethesda, MD for the procedure but you will have to tolerate pain and swelling for at least a couple of weeks following surgery and soreness for months afterwards. It generally takes between seven to ten days for patients to walk straight after the abdominoplasty surgery. If you have pre-existing illness like liver disease, diabetes or lung problems then you may suffer from complications like blood clots or bleeding which can lead to slow healing process.

Being an intensive cosmetic surgery procedure lasting at least four to five hours involving large incisions, the tummy tuck may leave you with large scars that will stay for a lifetime. After the surgery Dr. Franklin D. Richards will advice pain killers and topical medicine for application on the sutures to reduce your discomfort to some extent. If a patient’s threshold of pain is low then doctors advice pain pump to infuse local anesthesia into surgery area which help in pain reduction.

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