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Posted on April 9, 2024 under Liposuction

The drive for a better sculpted physique is a popular aim for lots of patients who are considering body contouring surgery. Stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to caloric and cardio intervention may leave you frustrated and without the results you desire even with the best dieting and workout routines. When losing weight you may also lose fat in areas you wish to keep. Fortunately, advancements in cosmetic surgery offer options for both.

Liposuction: The Removal of Unwanted Fat.

Liposuction is a special type of surgery that helps to get rid of unwanted fat deposits from different areas of the body. Dr. Jabs, Dr. Richards, and Dr. Magge perform this minimally invasive approach for those whose weight is relatively normal, but who cannot reduce excess fat even after sticking to diet and exercise. Areas most frequently treated with liposuction are the abdomen, flanks, outer and inner thighs, arms, and back. In this process, the surgeon makes a small incision followed by placement of tumescent solution to decrease bleeding and increase safety followed by a a liposuction callnula (small tube) is placed. The cannula is moved around in a way that breaks up the fat under the skin and sucks it out. It may be augmented by the use of a power assisted component that vibrates the end of the cannula to remove fat more effectively with less overall trauma. The result is a more sculpted and smooth contour of the body.

Goals of Liposuction

As an option for fat removal and body contouring, liposuction carries many advantages and benefits. These include:

• Targeted Fat Removal: Without surgical intervention, removing specific areas of stubborn fat can be very difficult, liposuction offers a targeted approach to problem areas resulting in a more defined and streamlined figure.

• Improved Body Contours: Liposuction can remove undesired fat pockets thus helping to achieve more desirable body contours. Therefore, patients often get a more balanced look throughout the body.

• Minimally Invasive Procedure: Liposuction as a body contouring procedure is a minimally-invasive operating method that results in a shorter recovery time that surpasses the usual invasive surgeries.

  • Long-lasting Results: The results can be long-lasting if liposuction is followed up with a regular diet and exercise plan.

Fat Transfer: Establishing a Curvy Figure

Fat transfer, often referred to as fat grafting, involves harvesting the fat in one area of your body and then transferring it to areas of the body that are lacking in volume. Dr. Magge, Dr. Jabs, and Dr. Richards at Cosmetic Surgery Associates offer this procedure to patients seeking a natural-looking body contouring option that is durable enough to be used in areas like the face (cheeks, temples), breasts, buttocks, and hands. During a fat transfer procedure, fat cells are taken from one area like the abdomen, thighs, or flanks via liposuction, held in a sterile container and then transferred to the desired area.  The extracted fat undergoes a purification process to achieve the highest quality before being injected into the specified areas for volume recovery.

Advantages of Fat Transfer

Benefits and advantages of fat transfer include:

• Natural-looking Results: This technique utilizes your own fat allowing for the transferred fat injections to give more natural and long-lasting effects that settle well into the surrounding tissues.

• Dual Benefit: The fat transfer is considered a dual procedure since it achieves two goals at the same time, removing unwanted fat from one place on the body and adding volume to another place.

• Minimally Invasive: Both liposuction and fat transfer are minimally invasive procedures with minimal scarring and quicker healing times compared to traditional surgical techniques.

Your Options

Choosing between liposuction with or without fat transfer depends on your particular aim as well as your body type. Dr. Richards, Dr.Magge, and Dr. Jabs at Cosmetic Surgery Associates operate with a patient-centered attitude, putting your needs and desires at the forefront of your treatment. Factors like your expected results and areas that need improvement in terms of extra fat and loss of volume will determine the most appropriate procedure.

Schedule a Consultation

A customized approach is possible with an appointment at Cosmetic Surgery Associates in Bethesda, MD. During your consultation with Dr. Richards, Dr. Jabs, or Dr. Magge, you will be able to share your aesthetic goals, ask questions about both procedures and undergo a thorough examination to find the best treatment that will help you achieve your dream physique. Fill out our online contact form to get started today.

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