Can a Facelift Look Natural?

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Posted on August 22, 2019 under Facelift

It is not uncommon to hear stories of cosmetic surgery gone wrong. This makes a number of people anxious about undergoing the facelift procedure to rejuvenate their appearance. The images you see online of surgeries gone wrong show unnatural results with a pulled appearance. However, it is important for you to understand that these are just some exceptions and the results of some inexperienced surgeons. An experienced surgeon will first check the reason for your facial aging and then customize the procedure to suit your specific needs and give you natural and beautiful results that can take years off your appearance. Our team at Cosmetic Surgery Associates are all well-experienced, highly-skilled surgeons who understand the ins and outs of these procedures and how to give patients the best results.

It is imperative that the facelift procedure is personalized to your unique facial anatomy and cosmetic goals. This will give you an improved quality of skin as well as the desired tautness which makes you look refreshed. With the right technique and skilled surgeon, you will get a healthy radiance to your skin and look rested, your colleagues and friends won’t even be able to guess that you underwent surgery.

How can you achieve natural results?

There are a few basic rules for achieving natural results from your facelift procedure. Once you have chosen the right surgeon, that is half the work done. The different techniques your surgeon uses to correct sagging and other aging signs also ensure that your results are not the dreaded pulled appearance you see in horror stories but the stunning and natural appearing results you desire.

Choosing the right surgeon for your facelift

When you consider getting a facelift procedure, you must begin by looking for a surgeon who has sufficient experience with facelifts and has the surgical skills to offer consistently natural results. The Cosmetic Surgery Associate team is made up extremely experienced surgeons. Once you have booked your consultation with the chosen surgeon, ask to see before and after photos of previous patients. This will let you see the previous results that other patients have gotten. Our team has years of experience offering patients natural-looking results that they love.

Lifting the muscular layers of the skin

As you continue to age, the amount of collagen in your skin keeps diminishing. Collagen is required for adding structure and strength to your skin and its gradual loss leads to laxity and sagging. Due to these undesirable changes in your skin, you begin looking older than your years. During your facelift, the skin must be lifted and tightened so that it looks youthful once again. Not just your skin, but with time, the underlying muscles also become loose. If your facelift only targets the skin, the results will not be dramatic. This is why it is essential that the underlying muscles are tightened as well so that when the skin is redraped over them, it falls in a youthful position. This technique alone will restore the youthful contours of your face. Surgeons who understand this distinction give patients the most natural looking results.

The facial skin should not be overstretched

The facelift procedure pulls the skin on your lower and mid face and neck tight over the underlying muscles, your surgeon must know when not to go too far. Under correction during your facelift may not affect your appearance but overcorrection will be noticeable. Overstretched skin will not behave the same way as a natural skin and this is what gives you a pulled appearance. Now that you understand how to avoid the unnatural look from a facelift, make sure to discuss your fears as well as your aesthetic goals with your surgeon. Make a consultation with the team at Cosmetic Surgery Associates to see how a facelift procedure can benefit you.

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