Patient Review: 61 Year Old Say Bye to Turkey Neck and Jowls – Bethesda, MD

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Posted on June 22, 2017 under Testimonials

By  joybann

I chose Dr. Jabs based on experience, honors, and reviews. I originally made an appointment to talk about the Quick Lift mini facelift that he advertises. During my consultation, Dr. Jabs assessed my needs and felt that an additional neck lift with lipo would address my concerns. This would mean an little more downtime than the quick lift but based on my age and needs it was appropriate. Dr. Jabs answered my questions patiently and directly. He is relaxed and friendly and I felt comfortable in his care. He showed me examples of lifts that he has done and we set a date. His office was completely professional with follow-up calls and the pre-surgery details. I am VERY happy with the results. My neck and face are rejuvenated without looking overdone. The results are natural, but noticeable. I would highly recommend Dr. Jabs.
Surgery is never fun, and the first few days require patience and the willingness to take pain medication and follow doctors orders. It was never terrible either. I am one week and one day post surgery and feel great. My stitches are gradually resolving and the bruising is almost gone. I was given both ointment and pills to reduce bruising and swelling. I was also given a very expensive skin care product as a gift. Thanks Dr. Jabs, you rock!
Very happy with results so far.

11 days post surgery:

before  afterOne side of my face is still a little more swollen than the other but is resolving everyday. Don’t hope for perfection immediately after surgery or you will be disappointed. This is a process. I also want to point out that Dr. Jabs made incisions that will be hidden when healed. He started with a horizontal (about one inch) in hairline at top of ear and took it right into the ear where you can’t really see it, then down around lobe and back into hairline. I do still have a 1 inch scar under my chin but it is healing as well. My only complaint is that the Bacitracin ointment does not come out of hair with shampoo! I’m using dish soap to get it out (without touching stitches of course). Read more

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