See The Progress: 26-Year-Old Breast Augmentation

I’m not entirely sure where to begin. Like many of you here, I wasn’t blessed with full-sized breasts and it does take a toll on one’s self-esteem. Once high school was over I’ve contemplated breast augmentations since but decided to brush the desire aside and thought hopefully I could learn to love my body as is. College came and went but the feeling of dissatisfaction still lingers from within. The reality is that I’m unhappy with the size of my breasts. Being that I fit a 34A/32B Victoria Secret (push up) I’ve always desired to be a full C cup. I weigh about 119 lbs. with a height of 5 ft 2. Now that I’m 26 years old with no children, I have decided that it’s now or never. Upon intensive research and obsession, I’ve decided to reach out to Dr. Jabs at Cosmetic Surgery in Bethesda, MD for a consultation. Read more