Pre & Post Breast Augmentation Surgery: A Patient Testimonial

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Posted on March 22, 2018 under Breast Augmentation

“So I’m finally doing it… I’m getting boobs done…

I still almost don’t believe it. I’ve always been happy with the shape of my breasts. But, like most of you on here, the lack of volume has always bugged me. Not being able to fill out tops/bikinis is a major bummer. Having to always wear padded bras and tight tops over them so my boobs don’t fall to the bottom has become my daily wardrobe. I used to think negatively about other people who had augmentation done (never thought I would do it!), and all of my friends had the same negative things to say about it. It wasn’t until last year that I really started to realize that the only reason I haven’t gotten them yet were other people’s perceptions. I’ve been borderline obsessively reading stories and reviews on this site for the past few months and you all have been such a wonderful motivation. I feel so much more informed and at ease with the decision. Hoping my story will help someone else out there as well…” – DCPanda

Read more the full story by RealSelf reviewer DCPanda.  She goes into an in-depth testimonial about her pre and post op experience with Dr. Jabs and Breast Augmentation Surgery. See all her before and after photos.

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