2 Weeks

Posted on September 8, 2016 under Uncategorized

It has now been 2 weeks since the FUE procedure. My scalp is almost back to normal. It takes a while for the swelling to come down and you definitely feel the effects of so many individual holes being made to harvest and transplant the hairs. Once I began to gently rub the area where the hair was placed with shampoo in the shower at around day10 the softness returned and the scalp began to fee normal. I still have the occasional twinge as the sensation fully returns but it isn’t bad. One of the most interesting things for me have been the comments from female staff and patients about how they like the shorter look. I’ll let it grow out some more and see how it looks before committing to a shorter look. It sure is easy to take care of though. I am expecting most of the hair to fall out that was transplanted due to transplant shock but you never can tell. It may just start growing. Overall it has been easy and the look isn’t bad at all.








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