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Posted on February 22, 2018 under Testimonials

” I Was Impressed With the Before and After Photos”

“I had seen Dr. Jabs’ advertisements in a publication I was reading in my GP’s waiting room, and was impressed with the before/after pictures shown and the recognition he’d received.  I’m in my 60’s, and in my mind, had visibly aged a lot in the past year.  My tear troughs seemed to sink a little further every day, and my droopy skin skin definitely needed attention.  The underside of my upper arms had also become batwings, and both ends of the scar from a 2-year old tummy tuck protruded upward in dog ears that are now perhaps a little more kindly called cones.  I further researched Dr. Jabs on the internet, as well as the Quick Lift procedure, and was even more impressed with what I saw and read.  I called for an appointment and was able to schedule one at the McLean office that suited my schedule.

He Understood Exactly What I Was Saying…

On my initial consultation in July 2014, I arrived at the McLean office slightly early and met with Dr. Jabs at the appointed time.  I’m a plastic surgery veteran and had some very strong views on what I wanted and didn’t want – totally natural, rested look, nothing stretched, artificial, or too-different looking.  From the beginning, I felt that Dr. Jabs and I were on exactly the same wave length.  He understood exactly what I was saying and how and to what extent my areas of concern could be addressed.  He never tried to sell me on any additional procedures – in fact, we both agreed that a “less is more” approach would serve me best and produce the results I wanted.  I had several trips coming up, plus wanted to allow time for some filler I had gotten earlier in the year to be absorbed, so postponed a surgery date until December.  I live alone, and Joanne Gildea (very helpful patient coordinator) put me in touch with a home nursing service that worked out perfectly.  On the appointed day, I took an early morning cab to Dr. Jabs’ Behesda office where the surgery was going to be performed under oral anesthetic.  Because it appear the cab driver would need to pay to exit the office park, he let me off on the street that runs along side of it.  I had a hard time finding the correct building, and fortunately had my phone with me so called the office.  Being turned around was making me late and I was quite stressed out.  The young woman who answered the phone remained calm and stayed on the phone with me until the correct building was in sight.  I was still slightly testy when I walked in the door, but everyone in the office remained calm and professional, and I was immediately taken in to Dr. Jabs.  If he felt any annoyance that I was late, it never showed, as before, he was friendly, low key, totally professional, and easy to talk to.  He marked me, we talked again about what I wanted and what he was going to do, and he gave me 3 pills to take.  I had opted for the oral aesthetic instead of general, and had told Dr. Jabs I wanted to know nothing of what was going on during surgery and didn’t want to remember anything afterward.  I’d never had surgery with just oral anesthetic before and was very apprehensive.  Amazingly, I don’t even remember feeling sleepy – I was out before I knew it.  The surgery lasted for several hours during which I had:  various degrees of lipo on my back torso, laser-assisted lipo of my upper arms, removal of the cones from a tummy tuck scar, light lipo on some facial areas, a Quick Lift, fat transfer to my tear troughs and naso-labial folds, and under-eye laser resurfacing.  I remember feeling a few seconds of discomfort during the fat transfer injections (second to last procedure performed), sank back into oblivion, and then remember being put into the compression garments.  I have no recollection of my head being wrapped in a bandage, standing up, getting dressed, getting to the car, or being driven home by the nurse who would stay with me for the next 22 hours.

Once home, I slept for hours and woke up a few times feeling great.  My nurse was told the lipo areas would seep quite a bit and was given lots of steril pads so they could be changed frequently.  I actually had very little seepage and changed pads only once.  Any pain was well-managed with the pain medication which I stopped taking as soon as I could manage comfortably without it.  I did so well, I thin nurse was bored!  The head bandage could be removed after 24 hours, and removing it just involved unwrapping a self-adhering layer of foam-like bandage, then the remaining long, absorbent bandage.  I also changed from the compression garment that didn’t fit very well to my own compression t–shirt (purchased for the occasion) and some bike shorts.  With the help of the Arnica provided by the doctor’s office, my bruising was gone in no time.

Twelve Days After Surgery, I Met a Friend For Lunch

Twelve days later, I met a friend for lunch at our favorite restaurant, I had called her ahead of time to tell her about my surgery and explain that I still had my stitches (though not visible) and a certain amount of swelling and that I might look a little different.  I trust her frankness implicitly, and in her view, I looked the same except very rested and younger-exactly what I wanted- and within 12 days!  I couldn’t be more pleased.  I had my first cosmetic procedure in the 1970’s and have had a variety of procedure by different doctors in different states/countries, throughout the years.  I can honestly say, this has been the easiest most drama/pain-free cosmetic surgery experience I’ve ever had-and having the oral rather than general anesthetic kept me comfortable, was safer, and saved a bundle.  I would absolutely do it again, and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jabs to anyone considering a cosmetic procedure.  His interpersonal skills are spot-on, and beyond being a very skilled surgeon, he’s a very gifted surgeon.  Check him out – you won’t be sorry.  Oh, and his support/office staff are great too!”

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