“Flab to Fab Boobies!” One patients journey…

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Posted on May 18, 2017 under Testimonials

“Flab to Fab Boobies!” – Follow one of our patient’s journey from before, during and after her #breastaugmentation surgery on RealSelf.

  • Before:  “I am 5″5, 130 lbs, and am measuring at a whopping 34A Pre-op 4 Days Pre-Op and I am SO excited, nervous, anxious, etc…”
  • 3 Days Until Surgery:  “Hello RealSelf community! So I am only 3 days away from my surgery. I just picked up all my medicine today, and it’s now hitting me….I. am. getting. BOOBIES!! ahhhh! It’s starting to get a little bit real…”
  • Tomorrow is the Big Day:  “As I was taking a shower today and rubbing the pre-op cleanser (hibiclens) over my breasts…I realized that is the second to last time I will showering with small boobies! Yay!…”
  • Surgery Day:  “Ahh about to leave my apartment soon! I will be having surgery at 9:10 am today. Thank goodness it’s early because I’m starving already. Everything is all set! I will be waking up a new woman in just a couple of hours!!…”
  • Day After: “So far so good, I’m feeling okay. Taking my medicine on time definitely helps. I can tell when it is wearing off. I’ve been sleeping in increments of 2 hours all day. Sleep for 2 hours, stay awake for 2 hours, repeat…”
  • 3 Days After:  “IT GETS BETTER WITH TIME! Post op day 1 and 2, I really thought I was going to be miserable all week. But I am sooo surprised of how great I feel today! I showered for the first time yesterday…”
  • 1 Week After:  “I’ve told my friends I am sharing my story on a website online and one was appalled I posted topless pictures of my breasts! I rolled my eyes and told her it’s fine, I actually enjoy sharing my story and getting feedback from women who feel the same way!…”
Read the rest of each entry and see pictures by clicking on the link below.
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