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PRP Application

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Recent breakthroughs in medical technology and research have unlocked the rejuvenating powers hidden away in our own bodies! Platelet-rich plasma application is the future of anti-aging treatments and has taken skincare to new heights.

PRP application unleashes the power of your body’s own healing mechanisms to treat dull and aged skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This non-surgical, non-invasive approach achieves beautiful results by replenishing your skin’s vital resources and is effective for all skin tones and types.

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What is PRP?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, which is material derived from our own blood.

As part of our immune system, our blood serves as a messenger and carrier of vital healing mechanisms that operate to heal wounds and protect our bodies. Within our blood, there is plasma, which contains a high concentration of growth factors and nutrients such as platelet-derived growth factors, keratinocyte growth factors, fibroblast growth factors and transforming growth factor beta and many more.

PRP applications for facial treatment, sometimes referred to as the “vampire facial,” have surged in popularity amongst celebrities and models who love it for its beautiful results. PRP application provides an instantaneous and long-term improvement to your skin quality by increasing blood flow, stimulating collagen production, and fast-tracking healing.

PRP application can be added to a variety of cosmetic treatments such as microneedling, dermal injection, and skin rejuvenation to enhance to achieve even more profoundly beautifying results!

The science of PRP

With its origins in orthopedic and dental treatment, PRP is known for its regenerative effects on human tissue. Each PRP treatment is an “autologous” treatment, meaning that the blood sample used to create PRPs used during treatment are derived from the patient.

PRPs have been long-studied for their role in the healing and recovery phases of the human body. When you are injured, your body’s immune system rushes platelets to the injured area, which then cause an inflammatory response. The inflammatory response coincides with the release of vital growth factors that begin the repair of tissue. This reaction is extremely quick, taking place in a span of fifteen minutes. Fibroblasts are signaled to build new tissue in the form of collagen and remodel the damaged area. The built-in healing capabilities of PRP’s have been shown to be effective when applied to a wide range of injuries or cosmetic uses.

The idea behind PRP application is to inject a concentration of purified PRP serum or apply PRPs to areas such as the skin to accelerate protein growth and expedite healing processes.

Benefits of PRP Application

The benefits of PRP application are both immediate and long-term.

Skin treatments with the added PRP application show better rates of improvement in skin tone, texture, and rejuvenation. The treatment addresses the effects of sun damage, acne scarring, and age. When combined with techniques such as microneedling, PRP application achieves beautiful results.

PRP Applications are beneficial for the following reasons:


The whole blood sample used to harvest PRPs are taken from the patient meaning the risk of complication and allergic reaction is minimized. Using your body’s own natural resources for healing and rejuvenation also bypasses the use of synthetic materials or chemicals.


The treatment process for PRP application involves no incisions or surgery and is performed in-office on an outpatient basis.


The simplicity of the treatment means patients are back on their feet immediately after treatment, able to return to their normal, daily activity.

PRP applications can safely be added to a long list of skin rejuvenating treatments and any facial rejuvenation treatment.

PRP Applications

The use of PRPs in combination with other anti-aging solutions is quickly expanding. Here at Cosmetic Surgery Associates, we offer PRP Application with Microneedling.


Microneedling with PRP is a skin rejuvenation treatment for the face and neck. Fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and sun damage can be addressed with this combination. Microneedling gives PRP application an added boost, helping the serum achieve deeper penetration for longer-lasting improvement.

Microneedling involves creating “microchannels” in the skin, which effectively trigger your skin’s healing response. On its own, the microneedling treatment is a great treatment for boosting your skin’s elasticity, improving collagen production, and revitalizing blood flow.

At Cosmetic Surgery Associates, we employ the SkinPen system, known for its efficacy and providing satisfying results.

The SkinPen is a handheld device which uses sterile, disposable microneedles for safety and speed. The SkinPen’s microneedles penetrate deep into the dermis layer for maximum reaction. Lower quality competitor systems are known to result in scratching and tearing as opposed to the SkinPen’s controlled channeling. The size and design of the microneedles are also more comfortable compared to traditional microneedling tools.

Microneedling benefits include:

  • Refreshing collagen production in the skin
  • Tightening skin
  • Efficacy for all skin types and tones
  • Minimally-invasive and convenient
  • Minimal recovery time

Microneedling with PRP application

PRP application enhances the potential of microneedling treatments. Since a microneedling treatment already triggers your body’s healing mechanisms, the additional infusion of PRP takes the treatment to the next level.

Microchanneling with PRP can be thought of in three phases.

During the first phase, the SkinPen is passed over the target treatment area to create microchannels. As your body’s immune system is kicked into high-gear, the PRP serum harvested from a blood sample taken before your microneedling is applied to the treated area.

Topical numbing creams or numbing agents are available to prevent any discomfort during the microneedling process. After the microneedling phase, PRP serum is directed into the microchannels and penetrates the dermis layer to elevate the results of the treatment.

The treatment then enters the second phase as your body’s healing reaction rushes collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts to the microchannels. Blood flow is improved as blood rushes to the treatment area.

Finally, your body’s healing response works internally as the PRP application works externally to remodel skin tissue in the dermis layer. During the remodeling phase, fresh collagen and growth factors restore fine lines, wrinkles and aged skin to a youthful, smooth vibrance.

The Treatment

PRP applications are performed in-office and can take a little under an hour including the processing of your blood sample.

The first step is to take a single vial blood sample, (additional samples may be needed if a larger area is being treated), which is transferred to a centrifuge. The centrifuge is a self-contained, sterile device that takes your blood sample and separates impurities and waste products via centrifugal force. The waste products are separated, leaving behind a high-concentration PRP serum.

Depending on the application, the PRP serum may be spread across the surface of the skin or injected directly into a treatment area. Afterwards, the PRP application is allowed to set, giving your body’s healing reaction time to get to work.


There is little if any downtime required for PRP application, depending on the type of treatment you have received. Even with microneedling, you will be able to return to your normal, daily activities almost immediately.

Your skin may be flushed and tender for at least 24 to 48 hours. In the case of a microneedling treatment, patients may experience lingering redness on the surface of the skin for a few days. In the immediate days after your treatment, it is best to avoid excess sunlight and continue to wear sun protection.


The results of a PRP application are noticeable within a few days with tighter, firmer, smoother skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will continue to fade as your skin completes its healing process. With microneedling and PRP application, fresh collagen will continue to build in the dermis layer to create long-term rejuvenation.

We typically recommend a course of three to six monthly treatments to achieve the best results and annual treatments for touch-ups and maintenance.


PRP applications are excellent to combine with a variety of treatments such as skin rejuvenation, dermal injections, and facial aging treatment. To learn more about the potential benefits of PRP application, schedule a consultation with one of our skin experts. The treatment is so convenient that it is possible to schedule a treatment the same day as your consultation (specifically for microneedling and PRP application).

During your consultation, you can discuss your goals and point out blemishes or symptoms of aging that concern you the most.

A course of four to six sessions is often recommended, but this will depend on the specific issue being addressed. Treatments for deeper skin blemishes such as microchanneling or scars may require six to eight sessions to achieve the desired result.


The cost of PRP application treatments are varied, depending on the number of sessions recommended for a treatment course or the type of treatment combined with PRP. Every treatment is fully customized to achieve the best results for the individual. There are no one-size-fits-all treatments.

Schedule a personal consultation with us to receive a detailed quote of your recommended treatment.