Plastic Surgeons helping in Haiti

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Posted on March 31, 2016 under Office Updates, Plastic Surgery

The recent devestation in Haiti has resulted in a huge loss of human life and the injury of thousands of people. Many have sustained soft tissue injuries that will require months to heal. Plastic surgeons from across America have responded by volunteering to help those in need. The demand for help will only increase with time as many of those who have been saved will need multiple operations to insure that they can return to productive lives.

Dr. Richards and Dr. Jabs have been to Haiti in the past on medical missions to help the children suffering from burns, traumatic injuries and birth defects including tumors and cleft lips and palates. There is no poorer place in the western hemisphere. Those who give of themselves to help these people receive far more in satisfaction than they can possibly give.

Plastic surgeons have a media generated reputation for serving only those desiring to improve their appearance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Plastic surgeons from all  over the world have put their extensive training in reconstruction to help those less fortunate than themselves. By using advanced techniques the traumatic loss of a limb can be prevented.

It is this tradition of service that makes me proud to be a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Dean Jabs

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