How Many Plastic Surgery Procedures Can Be Done at Once?

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Posted on October 14, 2022 under Cosmetic Surgery

It is no surprise that most people value efficiency. This can be applied to various different situations in life, including plastic surgery. The desire to “get in and get out” can bring a person to wonder if they can undergo multiple procedures at one time in order to save money and downtime while benefitting in multiple ways. There are several factors our doctors at Cosmetic Surgery Associates will consider for each patient, but regardless of intent and goals, there is often a path forward for multiple procedures during a single operation.

Are there any reasons that a multi-part surgery should not be attempted?

The first deciding factor to be addressed is simply the health of the patient. Exposure to anesthesia for a prolonged period of time is not recommended for those that have health conditions that can complicate the process, such as hypertension or asthma.

The second factor our doctors will take into consideration is whether the desired procedures are safe and an otherwise obtainable combination.

What procedures can be done in combination with one another?

When making the decision on what plastic surgery procedures can be done at the same time, safety and proper recovery are our number one priority. The recommended maximum number of procedures to undergo at once is three or less if they are extensive procedures.

Common multi-procedure pairings:

Mommy makeover. As the name entails, this is a combination of procedures that tend to be desirable for those who have raised one or more children. It is highly customizable but usually includes liposuction, a tummy tuck, and breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation and tummy tuck. This is an enlargement of the breast with an artificial implant coupled with the removal of excess fat and skin from the stomach area.

Rhinoplasty and facelift. These two procedures entail lifting the nose and altering its appearance as well as smoothing out lines and wrinkles throughout the face by removing excess skin.

What are the advantages versus the disadvantages of receiving more than one procedure at a time?

The biggest advantage would be the fact that the patient only has to go in for surgery once. Although our convenient location services areas like Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., one might wish to make one singular visit for surgery. This means only one time being sedated as well. Another advantage is simply making the change happen faster. Those who are seeking care from our board-certified plastic surgeons want to see change, and sometimes they want to see a lot of change quickly.

As far as disadvantages go, the healing time will be extended slightly for a person that undergoes more than one procedure. Recovery will be delayed as opposed to the recovery time of a singular procedure. Additionally, as mentioned previously, multiple procedures at one time may not be ideal for those that have non-serious but underlying conditions. This is because a high anesthesia dose is required for the patient to stay sedated for the time it takes for multiple procedures to be completed.

Combined Surgery in Maryland

Our plastic surgeons have over 15 years of experience, having performed thousands of procedures for all kinds of body types and desired outcomes. Patient safety and satisfaction are the two main priorities at Cosmetic Surgery Associates, and we are available to consult with any patient that feels they are a good candidate for multiple-procedure plastic surgery. Call or contact us online today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals with efficiency.

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