Dr. Jabs Called a Hero by 7 year-old Abby and Her Parents

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Posted on May 11, 2017 under Testimonials, Reconstructive Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery

Hello Dr Jabs,

Abby, 2 years after plastic surgery because of a dog bite to the face.
Abby, 2 years after plastic surgery because of a dog bite to the face.

I just wanted to pass along a drawing that our daughter Abby made not too long ago at her Sunday school class where she was told to draw a picture of her hero.  She is doing great, now having just turned 7, and we are coming up on her two year dog bite-aversary.  We had a little celebration on the one-year, a year ago, and we will again this year, so thankful that she looks so good and that we were lucky to have you help us on that horrible day.  Thank you again.  You are our hero as well.

-Gregory and Heidi

Abby Dr Jabs drawing 2014 03

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