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Why More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery Right Now

July 28, 2022

Historically, the majority of plastic surgery patients have been women. Men have made up only a small percentage of patients until recently. In fact, plastic surgery is no longer just for women. A growing number of men are choosing to go under the knife and improve their appearance. There are…

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To Tape or Not to Tape: How Do You Handle Jewelry During Surgery?

June 10, 2022

One of the many decisions doctors have to make is how to handle patient jewelry during surgery. Do they tape it in place? Do they let patients wear it loose? What about the risks of operating on a patient with jewelry? What’s the best way to keep those earrings and…

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Preparing for Outpatient or “Day” Surgery

May 5, 2022

You’ve waited several weeks for this day. You wake up a little bit nervous, but confident everything is going to go smoothly. You remember the pep talks your loved ones have given you and now all that is left is receiving your outpatient surgery. In order to feel confident about…

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Do’s and Don’ts Before Male Breast Reduction Surgery

January 21, 2022

Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure in which male breast tissue is reduced in size and reshaped to achieve a more masculine appearance. If you believe you are a candidate for male breast reduction, consider these do’s and don’ts before the procedure and what will be involved when deciding…

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Welcome to Our New Plastic Surgeon Dr. Keshav Magge

May 30, 2019

Cosmetic Surgery Associates, one of the pre-eminent practices offering cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive procedures, extends a very warm and enthusiastic welcome to its new plastic surgeon Dr. Keshav Magge. With offices in Bethesda MD and McLean VA, Cosmetic Surgery Associates, has been serving patients through its highly experienced team of…

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Is a Breast Augmentation Right for Me?

April 11, 2019

Breast augmentation surgery, clinically called augmentation mammoplasty, is primarily a cosmetic procedure designed to create more voluptuous breasts, add volume to disproportionately small breasts, or restore symmetry to unevenly sized breasts. In some cases, breast augmentation may be performed as a part of a breast reconstruction surgery. Patients should ideally…

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Botox for Crow’s Feet Now Approved by the FDA

January 19, 2017

Cosmetic Surgery Associates is a premier practice based out of McLean, VA and Bethesda, MD, providing a range of plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. For plastic surgery in Virginia and Maryland, Cosmetic Surgery Associates, led by board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Franklin Richards and Dr. Dean Jabs, provides safe,…

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Important Facets about Body Contouring

December 22, 2016

Important Facets about Body Contouring Your body may begin to lose its shape with aging, or following a pregnancy, breast feeding, major weight loss, or other surgeries. Excess loose skin, stubborn fat pockets, and sagging muscles may make you unhappy about your own appearance. If you are dissatisfied with your…

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Plastic Surgeons helping in Haiti

March 31, 2016

The recent devestation in Haiti has resulted in a huge loss of human life and the injury of thousands of people. Many have sustained soft tissue injuries that will require months to heal. Plastic surgeons from across America have responded by volunteering to help those in need. The demand for…

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