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Mom Boobs to Beach Boobs: The Summer Prescription

November 8, 2018

By Bryce Gruber Somewhere between conception and college, the child rearing experience is guaranteed to provide at least three things: joy, chaos, and physical changes. Those physical changes can be gradual or sudden, and one of the most daunting is the onset of “mom boobs.” Mom boobs are exactly what…

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Fat Grafting Can Reduce the Appearance of Breast Implant Rippling

September 20, 2018

Fat Grafting Most patients who undergo breast augmentation fear that they will be the next victim of rippling. If you are looking at getting a breast enhancement surgery done, then it’s important that you educate yourself about rippling and what causes it instead of fearing it. One of the primary…

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Bleeding & Infection – Breast Augmentation Complications

September 6, 2018

Bleeding & Infection – Breast Augmentation Complications If you are considering a breast augmentation surgery, then it is important that you keep yourself informed about its risks as well. Just like all general surgeries, there are risks associated with breast surgery too. The most common ones are bleeding and infection….

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Facelift Plastic Surgeon for the Northern Virginia Area

July 26, 2018

Facelift Plastic Surgeon for the Northern Virginia Area Facelift surgery, clinically known as rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the visible signs of aging in the face and neck and restore a younger looking face.Sagging mid-face, deep creases underneath the lower eyelids and along the nose, loss of…

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What is involved in a Mommy Makeover plastic surgery?

July 19, 2018

What is involved in a Mommy Makeover plastic surgery? Plastic surgery for mommy makeover are done to make a woman’s body shape look as close as possible to that prior to pregnancy and childbirth. This can consist of small procedures for tummy tuck, breast augmentation and lift. Depending on the…

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American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Report

July 5, 2018

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Report According to the 18th annual multi-specialty data of surgical procedures released by American Society of aesthetic plastic surgeons shows that Americans have been spending more than 12 billion dollars consistently since past couple of years. During 2014 more than 10 million…

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Breast Implant Specialist Northern Virginia | Maryland

June 28, 2018

Breast Implant Specialist Northern Virginia | Maryland Thousands of breast implant procedures are performed in the US every year with outstanding results. Advancements in surgical technology and introduction of innovative and superior qualities in breast implants have made the procedure safer and more aesthetically appealing. However, breast augmentation is a…

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A Patients Story – From Pre-Op Breast Augmentation & Rhinoplasty to Post-Op

June 21, 2018

So I’m finally doing it… I’m getting boobs… I still almost don’t believe it. I’ve always been happy with the shape of my breasts. But, like most of you on here, the lack of volume has always bugged me. Not being able to fill out tops/bikinis is a major bummer….

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Mentor MemoryShape Breast Implants

June 14, 2018

Mentor MemoryShape Breast Implants Among various qualities in silicone breast implants available today, one of the most innovative and advanced qualities is MemoryShape breast implants from Mentor. A leading provider of these implants is Cosmetic Surgery Associates. Operating out of offices in McLean VA and Bethesda MD, the practice provides…

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