Fat Grafting Can Reduce the Appearance of Breast Implant Rippling

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Posted on September 20, 2018 under Breast Implants

Fat Grafting

Most patients who undergo breast augmentation fear that they will be the next victim of rippling. If you are looking at getting breast enhancement surgery done, then it’s important that you educate yourself about rippling and what causes it instead of fearing it. One of the primary reasons for rippling to occur is that the patient doesn’t have enough breast tissue to accommodate the new implant. Another and not so uncommon reason is that the size of the implant is too big for the patient.


Should I  say no to breast implants?

Dr. Franklin D. Richards who is a cosmetic surgeon and works out of Bethesda, MD and McLean, VA; Northern Virginia; Fairfax, VA; Alexandria, VA, Chevy Chase, MD; Rockville, MD, suggests that patients should explore their options before completely closing the door on breast augmentation. Even if rippling occurs patients should know that it is correctable. Unfortunately, it happened but it is not something that you have to live with forever.

How does rippling feel and what causes it?

If you can trace the outline of your implant and feel its texture, it is most probably rippling. Post breast augmentation surgery patient’s body requires time to heal. It is during the healing process that a shell is formed along the newly inserted implants. The plastic surgeon automatically leaves space to accommodate the newly formed scar tissue. It is the path of normal healing and everyone undergoing breast augmentation experiences it. If the scar tissue isn’t formed at all or it is deformed it can lead to rippling.

How is it fixed?

Dr. A. Dean Jabs who is a plastic surgeon and works out of Bethesda, MD and McLean, VA; Northern Virginia; Fairfax, VA; Alexandria, VA, Chevy Chase, MD; Rockville, MD wants to assure you that rippling can be controlled.  It will need surgery in which the cosmetic surgeon can position the implants slightly differently. Patients can also benefit from procedures like Fat Grafting and avoid the surgery altogether.

Is fat grafting safe?

Fat Grafting is increasingly becoming popular with patients as it is a minimally invasive procedure. It allows patients to use their fat cells to fill out the area that’s left empty in the absence of scar tissue formation. The fat is gathered through liposuction from areas like the hips, waist, or stomach. The accumulated fat undergoes various purification processes to remove impurities that initial extraction may have caused. If you are underweight fat Grafting may not be possible for you as the patient needs fat reserves for normal body functioning too. Once the concentrated pure fat is retrieved after the purification process, it is injected in small quantities all around the breast mound to cushion the implants and to even the surface of the breasts. The recovery period post-fat grafting is usually short as it is performed on outpatients. There is no risk involved in fat grafting as long as your doctor is monitoring it.

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