Breast Lift vs. Breast Implants Cost

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Posted on April 26, 2018 under Breast Implants

Breast augmentation or breast implant surgery is an increasingly popular procedure in the US today. With the FDA approval for advanced qualities in silicone and saline implants, the procedure has become safer and highly effective. Breast lift is another widely accepted cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at making the breasts firmer and more youthful looking.

Both breast lift and breast implant surgeries require a high level of surgical expertise. The costs for the two procedures may vary marginally. In some cases, the plastic surgeon may advise a combination of both procedures for a more comprehensive outcome. Cosmetic Surgery Associates, with their offices in Bethesda, MD, and McLean, VA, provide these surgeries to patients in Northern Virginia, Fairfax, Alexandria, VA, Chevy Chase, Rockville, MD, and nearby locations.

Breast Augmentation & Your Bank Account

Thousands of breast augmentation surgery procedures are performed every year in the US with outstanding results. It is critically important to choose a reputed cosmetic surgery facility for this procedure to achieve safe and desirable outcomes.

The Dollar Amount for a Breast Augmentation

Sometimes the best way to achieve the patient’s aesthetic goals may be to combine breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries. The cost of the combined procedure will increase in comparison to each procedure. However, combined surgery will usually be more cost effective than individual procedures.

General anesthesia will be required only once in case of combined surgery, just as the individual procedures. Similarly, the cost of surgical facility and overnight stay, if necessary, will also remain unchanged. Only the financial hits such as the surgeon’s fee may increase because of the increased duration and higher complexity of the combined procedure.

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