Breast Implants – There Are Several Choices

Posted on June 16, 2016 under Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

Did you know that for any given breast implant size you have about sixteen different implant styles- all from the same implant manufacturer? Say you want a 350cc implant. Do you want it to be silicon gel or saline? What outside texture would be best for you – smooth or textured? Most breast implants come in different profiles – high, moderate and moderate plus. Which breast implant profile would look most natural for your breast? What about the implant shape – round or tapered? If you are considering breast augmentation, as you can see, you have several options. Breast augmentation surgery is NOT a “cookie cutter” operation where one single way to do it is appropriate for all patients. To achieve a natural look it is extremely important to choose an implant that is appropriate in size, shape, profile, texture and material for you existing anatomy. Only after a detailed examination should you choose your breast implant once you know all of the options with the pros and cons of each possible choice. You want it to be perfect, make your decisions about breast augmentation only after being fully informed.

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