The Do’s and Dont’s of a Breast Implant Exchange

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Posted on November 30, 2017 under Breast Implants

Breast Implants Exchange

Not everyone with a breast implant might need revision surgery. However, many women need revision surgery either because they want a change or because of the development of some complications with the first implant. However, revision surgery is a fairly common aspect of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Franklin D. Richards, & Dr. A. Dean Jabs are ready to speak to their clients about everything they need to know before and after the surgery. Their clients come from Bethesda, MD McLean, VA, Northern Virginia; Fairfax, VA; Alexandria, VA, Chevy Chase, MD; Rockville, MD, and nearby locations.

Eligible candidates for the cosmetic surgery

Not everyone is a fit candidate for cosmetic surgery. Unless your plastic surgeon examines you and looks into your past medical history to find you fit enough, you cannot be subjected to the surgery. This is the basic precaution a plastic surgeon must take for the success of the procedure. Complications are likely to develop with unfit cases.

Lactating mothers and pregnant women should wait for some time before they can go under the scalpel. In addition, there are certain medical conditions under which surgery is avoided. Your doctor will examine you, conduct some routine tests, examine your past medical history, ask you questions, and see your reports before you are declared fit to go for this surgery.

As for the procedure itself, it is fairly simple and safe that lasts less than an hour. An anesthetist will examine you to administer anesthesia. You will not feel the slightest pain at all under anesthesia. Then the plastic surgeon will take over. The surgeon will locate the first implants, take them out carefully, and fill the pre-existing cavity with your desired material for the implant.

Do’s and Don’ts

There are some precautions to follow before and after the surgery that your plastic surgeon will spell out. Certain medications are best avoided and others are to be taken at least two weeks before and after the surgery. Aspirin or medications containing ibuprofen are to be avoided because they are blood thinners. Medications like Tylenol are recommended. Smoking must be avoided two weeks before and two weeks after the surgery because it interferes with the healing process.

Alcohol should also be avoided for two weeks before surgery and for two weeks after the surgery. In case the swelling is noticed, salt intake must be minimized or stopped altogether. Drinking a lot of water helps as it flushes out the intoxicants. Doctors recommend not taking vitamins and herbs two weeks in advance of surgery.

The procedure requires painkillers and antibiotics that your doctor will prescribe in advance. You must be ready with the prescribed medications so that you do not miss them when needed the most. In addition, it is advisable to visit the facility with a caregiver or an attendant who can take you back home and remains with you for at least 24 hours to assist you.

Breast implant exchange is a revision surgery that is nearly a hundred percent safe. It is handled carefully and delicately to minimize the chances of any error. While at the facility, a patient is constantly monitored for vital signs. The operation barely takes more than an hour. Before the procedure, the plastic surgeon offers consultancy guidance to the clients along with a set of precautions. These precautions must be strictly followed for the successful outcome of the procedure.

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