Breast Augmentation vs. Fat Transfer

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Breast Augmentation vs. Fat Transfer

Breast augmentation surgery is among the most sought after cosmetic surgery procedures in the US today. It involves the surgical placement of silicone or saline breast implants to enhance the breast size and volume. Success rates in this procedure are very high when it is performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. On the other hand, fat transfer to increase breast size is not a very common procedure.

The debate about its effectiveness as a technique for breast enhancement is still going on. Cosmetic Surgery Associates, with offices in Bethesda, MD and McLean, VA, provide state of the art plastic surgery procedures. Led by Dr. Dean Jabs and Dr. Franklin Richards, the practice receives patients from Northern Virginia, Fairfax, Alexandria, VA, and Chevy Chase, and Rockville, MD, and other areas.

Safety as a Top Priority

In any elective cosmetic surgery procedure performed solely for aesthetic purposes, safety must be the paramount pre-condition. While both fat transfer for breast enhancement and breast implant surgery are both safe procedures, but the research in the area of fat transfer is still continuing. Breast implant surgery, on the other hand, is a proven, marvelous, and established procedure with a very high success rate as long as it is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.

At one time, breast augmentation was viewed with concern on safety aspects because of the unreliability of implant qualities. However, with technological advancements, new and state of the art silicone implant qualities are now available and approved by the FDA. Even in case of implant rupture, the highly cohesive silicone gel core remains intact, and causes no adverse impact to the patient’s health.

Fat transfer procedures, whether for breasts or for other parts, should be handled with great care to ensure that only a conservative amount of fat is drawn from one part to be transferred to another part. Dr. Richards and Dr. Jabs are board certified plastic surgeons providing a wide range of surgical procedures to patients in Northern Virginia, Fairfax, Alexandria, VA, and Chevy Chase, and Rockville, MD, and surrounding communities.

Superior Effectiveness

If the patient is looking for a substantial increase in the size and volume of breasts, it will be a good idea to choose breast implant surgery. Both silicone and saline implants are available in sizes ranging from 120cc to 960cc, along with choices for profiles, shapes, and textures. Results can be tailored to suit the unique aesthetic goals of a patient with breast augmentation surgery.

If fat transfer is used as a technique for breast enhancement, only a limited degree of size increase can be achieved. A large amount of spare fat may not be available in other areas of the body that can be transferred to increase the breast size. Fat transfer procedures are highly effective in the enhancement of gluteal area, lips, and cheeks. However, the technique has not been applied widely for breast augmentation.

Fat grafting technique requires multiple treatment sessions, while breast implant surgery can be performed as a single operation. During fat transfer, extra time may also have to be allowed for skin expansion.

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