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Breast Augmentation Potomac, MD

Conveniently located to serve the areas of Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Cosmetic Surgery Associates offers its patients from Potomac a comprehensive breast augmentation procedure. If you have been considering getting a breast procedure due to undesirable changes in the breasts that make you feel less than confident in your appearance, schedule a consultation with our expert surgeons today. We offer unprecedented results with the augmentation procedure and help women get their desired breast contours. When you walk in for your consultation, our team not only evaluates your breasts but also talks to you to understand the changes that you are struggling with. This allows us to customize the procedure to suit your preferences and help you achieve the results you desire from your augmentation procedure. 


What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation has been the most opted-for procedure for women seeking breast enhancement. If you have been struggling with contour changes due to reasons such as age, weight fluctuations, or childbirth, then you must have considered getting an augmentation procedure as well. Women who decide to undergo breast augmentation have been troubled with sagging breasts, deflation, asymmetry, and changes in the youthful projection of their breasts. At Cosmetic Surgery Associates, we offer customized augmentation plans that augment your breasts and restore their youthful perkiness.


Are You a Good Candidate for the Augmentation Procedure?

You are a good candidate for the augmentation procedure if you are looking to augment asymmetrical and small breasts. The comprehensive procedure offered at our center is developed to ensure you achieve your cosmetic goals. It is important that you are in good physical and mental health before opting for a surgical procedure. Also, your breasts must be fully developed before you can undergo the augmentation procedure. If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, you cannot schedule the procedure.


What is the Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Every surgical procedure you choose at Cosmetic Surgery Associates is personalized taking into account your individual requirements and cosmetic goals. During your augmentation consultation, our experts evaluate your breasts and we talk to you to understand your personal goals. Once we know your desired goals, we are able to offer you a personalized treatment plan that is suited to your unique needs. Your consultation will be extensive and our experts help you make all the choices involved in the procedure. Some of these choices include the shape, size, and projection of your breast implants, the placement of your implants, and the incisions. Our patients from Potomac can make these choices easily with our revolutionary Crisalix 3D consultation which allows you to view your future results with different choices. 

Your surgical procedure begins with anesthesia before your surgeon makes the incisions. We ensure that these incisions are made in areas that keep any scars well concealed. The incisions then allow for your chosen implants to be inserted in the placement pockets. Several factors decide whether your implants are placed above or below the pectoral muscle. Once the implants are placed, your incisions will be closed.


What Will Your Augmentation Recovery Be Like?

Our team will give you detailed instructions for the recovery period and you must follow these carefully to ensure the best healing for your body. You might feel some discomfort or pain during the recovery period but this can be controlled with prescribed medication. Some patients also experience some redness or inflammation but this gets resolved on its own in some time. It is advised that you do not bend or lift or undergo any straining activities during this time. It is necessary that you follow all your post-op appointments since this allows us to ensure you are healing well. This is also the time when we advise you on increasing your level of activities dependent on your healing.

About Potomac, MD

Potomac is a census-designated place in Montgomery County of Maryland and it is named after the Potomac River. According to Forbes magazine, Potomac is the seventh most top educated American small town. Most of the residents from the county work in nearby Washington, D.C. The geographical focal point of Potomac is the Potomac village, it is a cluster of upscale shops and businesses. When you are visiting the area, do not miss attractions like the Billy Goat Trail, Glenstone Museum, Great Falls, and Olmsted Island. If you are traveling with kids, they are sure to enjoy the waterfalls, hiking, and the boat ride at the Great Falls. Potomac also got on the map through the television series Beverly Hills 90210 based on Darren Star’s experiences as a student of Winston Churchill High School.

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Our Plastic Surgery Associates team includes Dr. Franklin Richards, Dr. A. Dean Jabs, and Dr. Keshav Magge. Each of our plastic surgeons is board-certified, and together they have over 60 years of combined experience. Drs. Richards, Jabs, and Magge are all highly qualified in procedures for the face, breast, and body, and pride themselves in providing excellent results through our state-of-the-art, Quad A certified operating centers