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Breast implants exchange surgery is quite popular in America with women wanting to have their implants exchanged. A reputable plastic surgeon should easily handle the procedure without the risk of complications. Dr. Franklin D. Richards, & Dr. A. Dean Jabs are expert doctors in the field of cosmetic surgery with their facilities located in Bethesda, MD and McLean, VA, Northern Virginia, Fairfax, VA, Alexandria VA, Chevy Chase, MD, Rockville, MD.

About the cosmetic surgery

The procedure for exchange is simpler than for the original implant. After the administration of anesthesia, the plastic surgeon makes incisions in the breasts at the same site as the original one. Any change in the location of the new site depends on a number of factors such as your goals, the implant and the additional requirements in the procedure of cosmetic surgery. Your plastic surgeon will discuss and explain every query you may have about the implant.

Often the clients are apprehensive about the procedure. However, they have nothing to worry because the procedure is fairly common with little chances, if any, of complications like swelling and bruising. The procedure in case of exchange is easier than the procedure for the first implant because the pocket for implant exists already. This procedure is therefore shorter than the procedure for original implant and the recovery time is also less.

Your plastic surgeon will recommend that you arrive for the procedure in loose and preferably cotton outfit. The healing takes place fast when you go back home and take enough rest preferably in comfortable and loose clothing.

Cost factors

There are different cost estimates for the procedure depending on several factors as your plastic surgeon will let you know. The cost will depend on whether you want silicon or saline. The removal of scar tissue will also be factored into the cost. The cost depends from facility to facility and may well differ within the same city. The starting cost in some facilities can be as much as $3000 plus for anesthesia and saline implants exchange.

A Columbia plastic surgeon, for instance claims that the cost at his facility is about $4800 which includes anesthesia (iv) sedation, silicone implants, OR costs, and the cost of care. These cost estimates are nearly two to three years old.

According to an accredited plastic surgeon, the cost of augmented breast surgical procedure typically varies from $5000 at the lower end to $9000 at the other end. Some of the factors that determine the cost include type of implant, fee charged at the facility, whether the implants are smooth or textured and whether they are round or shaped.

Implants or implants exchange are quite popular now a days. Although there are many facilities in every city for implants, it is best to approach an accredited facility for the best treatment. The procedure itself lasts for about an hour or less followed by recuperation that depends on the advice of the plastic surgeon. The cost of implants varies on a number of factors and from facility to facility. The cost is higher for silicone gel and for shaped implants as against the round ones.

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