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Posted on October 12, 2020 under Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is not uncommon today. It’s also not uncommon to have questions and concerns. Many women considering the procedure wonder if breast augmentation will have any impact on the shape of their nipples.

NAC and related terminology

Since inquiring minds want to know, here are the main points to remember about breast augmentation and nipples. But first, for those not up on the professional terminology, a bit of review. The area that a majority of women call the nipple is known in the vernacular as the NAC or nipple-areola complex.

What most women refer to as the nipple is actually the anatomical portion that projects out of the very center of the previously-mentioned nipple-areola complex. This is the part that will become erect when stimulated and provides milk to a nursing infant. The pigmented skin around the nipple is the areola.

Now, let’s address some common questions.

Will getting a breast augmentation enlarge my nipples?

If you review a photo gallery of previous breast augmentation patients, you will undoubtedly notice that in most cases a woman’s NAC does not automatically become larger simply because she has had breast augmentation. The NAC may appear to be fuller, however, they usually do not get any larger in terms of diameter. They definitely do not grow in proportion to the specific breast implant.

Can breast surgery change the shape of my nipples?

Yes. If you do not particularly like the size or the shape of your NAC, your Cosmetic Surgery Associate surgeon can make changes for you. There is a specific areola/nipple correction method for any specific concern you might have. Surgeons can handle wide, protruding, or oversized nipples, or even puffy or overly large areolas.

Will my nipples lose their sensitivity after I have breast augmentation?

It is possible that a breast augmentation may cause partial or even complete loss of sensation in the nipples. The good news is that the odds of that happening are reported to be very low. Additionally, some women actually experience an increase in their nipple sensitivity following breast augmentation.

This generally happens if the surgery has stretched the nerves, but these effects are usually temporary. Any discomfort can be reduced by such techniques as taking anti-inflammatory drugs or wearing special gel nipple covers. This discomfort generally subsides approximately three weeks after the surgery.

Can you do anything about my inverted nipples?

Yes, inverted nipples can be fixed during a breast augmentation. The specific method employed is dependent on the actual degree of nipple inversion and just how severe the inversion is.

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