What to Know Before and After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

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Posted on May 1, 2023 under BBL

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure over the past few years. But like any procedure, it’s important to know what it entails, how to prepare for it, and what the recovery period looks like after. Knowing more about BBL can help you determine if it’s right for you.

Understand What A Brazilian Butt Lift Is

The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a cosmetic procedure that involves transferring fat from other parts of the body into the buttocks. This changes the size, fullness, and shape of the area. The fat can come from the thighs, abdomen, lower back, or hips.

The whole procedure is a two-step process including liposuction and then the transfer or injection. The first step involves the surgeon performing liposuction on the area where the fat is being removed. The fat is then purified and injected into the buttocks to add volume and shape.

Prepare for BBL Surgery

The success of the BBL procedure can depend on how you prepare for the surgery. beforehand. There are a few things you can do to ensure you’re ready for BBL surgery including:

  • Plan A Ride: Because you’ll be put under sedation, you won’t be able to drive yourself home after the procedure. Plan to have a friend, spouse, or family member drive you home. Additionally, if you have kids that need to be taken care of, make sure to arrange for that as well.
  • Pick Your Outfit: On the day of surgery, wear the most comfortable outfit you own and make sure it’s easy to take on and off. You won’t want anything tight or restrictive after the procedure.
  • Don’t Eat or Drink Before: Like with most procedures, you won’t want to eat or drink 24 hours before BBL surgery. Because you’ll be placed under anesthesia, having any food or drink in your stomach increases the risk of aspiration (food or liquid getting into your lungs).
  • Avoid Certain Medications: You’ll want to avoid any blood thinner medications. This includes aspirin, warfarin, ibuprofen, fish oil supplements, and garlic supplements.
  • Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle: Staying physically active and keeping a healthy lifestyle before the procedure can significantly help in your recovery.

Stick to the Post-BBL Recovery Instructions

After surgery, you’ll want to take note of any and all instructions your surgeon gives you. But besides the instructions, they will also provide a compression band to reduce bleeding and swelling and some pain medication to help with any discomfort.

When they allow you to go home, you’ll need someone to drive you home and take care of you for at least the first 24 hours.

You also won’t be able to sit or lie down on your back. You don’t want to pull or open any stitches or incisions. You’ll need to lie on your side or your stomach. Make sure you have plenty of pillows and cushions. You’ll have to lay like this for the first two weeks at least, and optimally 6 weeks.

You’ll also need to avoid any high-impact activity for about four weeks, but walking is fine.

Since there will likely be some swelling, redness, and bruising, the results won’t immediately be noticeable. It can take up to a year to see the final results, but much of the results will be visible before then.

During those months of recovery, you may be advised to start a high-protein diet to help with healing. And at a certain point, you can begin to incorporate lower body exercises. They will aid in recovery and tone the area.

Schedule A Consultation

The best way to figure out if BBL surgery is right for you is to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery Associates.

Dr. Richards, Dr. Jabs, and Dr. Magge are more than happy to walk you through the procedure and recovery process.

To schedule a consultation today, call us at our Bethesda, MD office at (301) 493-4334 or use our online scheduling form.

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